CrossFit is know as “The Sport of Fitness” and it’s extremely beneficial at any age. At VPCF, we recognize that as we age, our mindset and bodies change. What you hope to get out of your work out now, is likely different than what it was when you were younger. As such, our programming is tailored and adjusted for each individual to meet any limitations in strength, flexibility, and mobility etc.


The Masters Membership cost $175 + tax per person per month and is open only to members ages 50+. 


Consider this an opportunity to stay physically active and become part of a community in a fun and energetic environment. There is no Bingo, Jeopardy or Matlock here, just good company and new friendships. 


Please note, we do require that all new members go through our CrossFit 101 - Fundamentals course. A Private Masters CF 101 option will be available upon request.