Group Class

Fundamentals class complete: Check

Experienced CrossFitter: Check...well then lets begin!


Group Classes start at $220 + tax per person per month, this gives you unlimited access. Come whenever you want, as much as you want, doors are open for you. Payment can be made in person via cash, cheque or electronic transfer. Payment must be made prior to registering for classes. Pre-register by e-mailing us at to have your account set up.


Similar to your Fundamentals class; you will be lead by an on-floor coach throughout your one hour session. The one hour class is comprised of a daily warm-up, skill component, and WOD (aka. Work Out of the Day) and vary in duration depending on the day and programming. 


Our classes are capped per session to allow our coaches to provide the best training and service possible. Registration is done online via "MindBody" on a first come first serve basis.  


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