Experience CrossFit

CrossFit carries the reputation of safety and efficacy and as such we introduce all new member to the CrossFit community through our Fundamentals class, it's the first step in learning the basics.


Our Fundamentals course costs $210 + tax per person and is comprised of 6 1.5 hour session's that run three times a week (Monday-Tuesday-Thursday) for two weeks. Payment can be made in person via cash, cheque or electronic transfer.

You'll be exposed to terminology thrown around the gym like “WOD”, “AMRAP”, “EMOM” (just to name a few). The goal is preparation for when you walk into regularly scheduled classes and you see nothing but acronyms on the board; let us help you with the lingo.


A big focus of the Fundamentals course will be learning proper technique (though we don’t expect perfection in 6 classes). We want you to be aware of “how”  to perform movements in a safe and efficient way. Our coaching staff is here to support you--so feel free to ask questions, and do so again and again until you are comfortable performing the movements. 


Think of this as an opportunity to learn more about CrossFit. We hope you love it enough as well as our gym and team to stick with us.  We will understand if CrossFit isn't a fit for you; at least you will walk away with knowledge about the sport and have better form and technique to take with you to any gym, but least you tried!


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Each session runs for 2 weeks every

Mon-Tue-Thur @ 7:30pm and includes

1 free trial week after completing the session.

Session 24: Nov 18th - 28th

* Please e-mail us at to be added to the waitlist