Before choosing a CrossFit studio aka. “A Box”, we highly recommend you visit studios around the city that are accessible to you. Meet with the owners, coaches and members and get a feel for the vibe, you’ll see that each box is unique in its own.


CrossFit Inc. licences its brand out to boxes as an “affiliate”, this differs from a “franchise” in that each box is owned and operated as they choose fit. There are no manuals on how a CrossFit studio/gym should be run or strict rules to abide by. Which means each box will have its own feel and way of operating day-to-day.


In the end keep in mind, CrossFit is a community. Find a box you love, with people you enjoy being around. When you’re somewhere you feel comfortable and surrounded by a great support network, you’re setting yourself up to become a regular.  This--with dedication, will lead to your success (that and diet, we can’t forget to watch what we put into our bodies!).


So why VPCF? I guess Cheap Trick said it best “I want you, to want me”. We want you to shop around and at the end of the day join our box/community because its the right fit for YOU.


From our experience as members and coaches, as well as experiencing other boxes around the world, we’ve picked up on what we feel works, and its our love for the sport that has lead us to open Victoria Park CrossFit. We recognize it’s not just about having great coaches or the best studio, but the support you get from your fellow members and how you feel when you enter your own box.  


We recognize the financial commitment you make, and we want to ensure that your experience with us is worth every penny. Your time in the gym is our time with you!  We are committed to not over filling our sessions and are dedicated in spreading our time evenly with everyone. Our staff is accessible as needed—before class, after class, we are here for you. 


We encourage you to let us know what you’re expectations are and we will work together to help make that happen, whether that takes a month, half a year, a year - together we will focus on your individual goals and strive to reach them. If you want to be stronger, we can do that, you want to make new friends, we’ll be your huckleberry, you want to just improve your level of fitness and life style, well shucks we can help with that too!


We want Victoria Park CrossFit to be comfortable enough for you and get you out of your comfort zone!